小学罚款 & 表演艺术

小学课程的中心, the fine and performing arts program provides many means for self-expression and avenues for understanding others. Children develop their interpersonal skills and self-confidence as well as an appreciation of the arts from their earliest years at 线上买球app下载(中国)有限公司. 美术课的作业是在班主任的密切配合下完成的. Students have opportunities each year to take part in productions and exhibitions, 包括戏剧, 舞蹈音乐会, 还有音乐表演. The arts stimulate and expand children's communication skills and provide invaluable teaching 工具 for exploring all areas of learning.



The studio arts program is a sequential visual-art education that provides depth of knowledge, 技能习得, 和成就. It is intended to help students fulfill personal potential as well as to enrich and deepen their lives through the study of art. 它是一门有明确目标、内容和方法的学校学科. The content begins with the study of the elements of design: line, texture, value, shape, and color. As students move through the grade levels, the tasks become more sophisticated and complex. 当概念变得更清晰,词汇量增加时, 更强调的是解决问题, 材料的使用, 熟练的执行, 并运用基于重要设计原则的艺术元素. 孩子们用各种各样的材料探索创造艺术的方法. They come to understand and apply some basic principles of aesthetics as they learn how to look at and respond critically and analytically to works of art, 包括他们自己. They learn to examine their ideas about art and to support their judgments as they discover that some works of art are more appealing than others.

等到学生们离开布鲁克赛德的时候, they are expected to communicate at a level in art that includes knowledge and skills in the use of basic vocabularies, 材料, 工具, 技术, 以及与发展相适应的认知方法. Student work is held in a portfolio for review and assessment during the year so that performance skills can be noted. 而发育标记是参照的, 每个孩子都是独一无二的, 当, 以及能力展现的方式. The art curriculum is intended to help children in their process of developing self-awareness, 自尊, 自律, 合作, and motivation; and it is geared to help them feel successful.

The art Core Works at Brookside include studying Paul Klee in pre-kindergarten, 二年级弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特的《线上买球app下载(中国)有限公司》, 还有三年级的非洲形式和面具. 每个年级的学生都有一个建筑部分.



The music program creates an environment in which children develop an appreciation of the many styles of music, and it fosters their ability to express themselves through music's many mediums. Two specific methods are used to teach structure, 节奏, and vocal music: Orff and Kodaly. The music teacher works closely with teachers and students in preparing for weekly assemblies, 类中, 冬季和春季音乐会, 还有祖父母节和特别朋友节.

The vocal program allows each child to enjoy and experience a variety of music activities. Zoltan Kodaly方法, 适用于所有等级, 是发展性的, sequential method of teaching music literacy to young children through the development of pitch and hand signs. Authentic folksongs and the music of great composers are used to comprehensively train the children vocally through imitation, 并教授基本的音乐阅读和写作技能. 研究 has shown that this method of music instruction enhances learning in all subjects, 特别是数学和科学.

器乐项目是基于卡尔·奥尔夫的方法, 谁相信“感觉先于理智理解”.“它利用了音乐和节奏的基本元素, and the unique Orff xylophones provide children with an immediate way of making instrumental music. 这些乐器还培养了对节奏和旋律的更深层次的反应. 在二年级,学生们学习创作自己的作品. 三年级的时候, the students are introduced to the recorders and hone their skills in reading and writing music.

The 第二个 and third grade choirchime and handbell choirs introduce the students to basic orchestration 技术. 和谐, 和弦, 绩效策略可以建立自尊和自信, 并发展更复杂的音乐技巧. Second and third grades meet together for a 20-minute rehearsal period once a week to prepare for special events.

Brookside’s fine and performing arts Core Work selection in music is introduced at the kindergarten level. 卡米尔圣桑带孩子们去动物狂欢节, a musical suite that portrays the movement and idiosyncrasies of animals in a zoo through orchestral instrumentation. 它的目的是让孩子们接触优美的音乐, 教育他们批判性地倾听, 并帮助他们培养对音乐的终身欣赏和热爱.


The dance program creates an environment for children to express their feelings through movement and develop an appreciation of a variety of styles of dance. 舞蹈学科有具体的内容和考核. 教育舞蹈侧重于空间、节奏、线条、形状和能量. As the children grow, the pathways, patterns, and sequences become more complex. Creative movement engages the mind in ways that require innovative 解决问题 and analytical reasoning. 这个过程建立了学生的自尊和自信.

Pre-kindergarten dance classes explore movement through games and imagery that create an awareness of how the body parts can move through space. The children observe each other and exchange ideas, forming their own patterns. 在幼儿园,模式变得更加复杂. Children explore a variety of music as they listen to the 节奏 and instruments; they study Carnival of the Animals in support of the music curriculum. 他们还在一个全幼儿园的戏剧作品中表演.

第一个, 第二个, 而三年级的班级则参与了个别班级的制作, 哪些是发育适宜的. 一年级, children combine their movement skills with proper terminology and begin learning choreography for the class show. They learn ballet and modern dance vocabulary as they increase their skills and create simple dances of their own.

Second grade students continue to work on understanding the fundamentals of dance movement with a focus on space, 节奏, 能源, 和行. They learn Labanotation and explore different cultures through movement while working toward creating their own style.

三年级学生全年探索各种技术, 最后是一场舞蹈音乐会. They build many skills as they compromise and exchange ideas 当 choreographing their dances. 因为他们努力实现自己的目标, 学生运用合作技巧, 解决问题, 和纪律, 增强他们的自尊. The dance program is designed to make children feel successful and provides opportunities for them to experience freedom and joy of movement in a supportive atmosphere.